A man seeking royalties from Sir Mix-A-Lot, was shut down in court last week by a judge presiding over the matter.

According to The Jasmine Brand, musician David Ford claimed that in the 80s and 90s he collaborated with Sir Mix-A-Lot on a number of songs, including “Baby Got Back.”

Most recently, “Baby Got Back” was sampled on Nicki Minaj’s The Pinkprint record, “Anaconda.”

Ford, who revealed that he never signed any agreements with Sir Mix-A-Lot, claimed that due to his alleged contribution to “Baby Got Back,” he was to receive a portion of the profits from “Anaconda.” Additionally, the musician stated that up until recently he had no idea Sir Mix-A-Lot had copyrights to “Baby Got Back” and the other songs he says they collaborated on.

According to Sir Mix-A-Lot, all his copyrights are valid and no agreements between himself and Ford were ever signed.

“The rapper explained that all copyrights he registered are valid and list him as the author NOT Ford and legally he says Ford only had 5 years after the copyright was registered to contest it which he didn’t,” The Jasmine Brand reports. “He points out he won a Grammy for the ‘Baby Got Back’ in 1993 and there is no way Ford could not have known about not being listed on the copyright until last year. Lastly, he said that his former music partner never signed any agreement with him about royalties or payment for songs he worked on.”

A judge in the matter ultimately sided with Sir Mix-A-Lot and had the case thrown out.