Wale recently spoke about his views towards the Black Lives Matter movement in the United States.

The Washington, D.C. rapper outlined his belief that the movement should focus on spreading love and respect for one another before blaming others.

“I want Black lives to matter to Black lives more,” Wale said during a recently published interview with REVOLT. “Modifying the moral of the people starts within. It starts with us. It’s been easy to just blame other people for stuff like that and point the finger, but Black lives should matter to Black lives.

“I don’t really care about trying to rally up people for the wrong reasons,” Wale added. “I want us to realize that the power that we got within ourselves and to love ourselves more is really the first objective as far as understanding the whole ‘Black lives’ thing. I don’t think we love ourselves enough as much as we used to.”

Wale’s interview with REVOLT can be viewed below:

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