Rihanna has one of the most robust followings on social media and is known for her selfies. To this end, Slurpee has created a story about “Everything We Know About Selfies We Learned From Rihanna.”

Hyper-famous, fashionable, and talented as well as outrageous and controversial, her account is nothing but her,” the story says. “However, the magazine re-grams are not what the fans are after: we want her selfies and she does provide. When Rihanna isn’t performing and making critically acclaimed albums or debatable music videos that send reporters into a frenzy, she’s teaching us how to manifest the perfect selfie.”

In one picture, Rihanna appears sans makeup. 



“This selfie proves that you do not have to purse your lips and raise your chin to abnormal tilts to achieve a great photo,” Slurpee says. “In fact, you can have a makeup-free visage and an awkward pursed lip.”

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