While speaking with Vlad TV as part of a newly-released interview, Long Beach, California rapper KXNG Crooked was asked what he thought about Funk Volume taking part in a battle with Horseshoe Gang.

Crooked first credited Funk Volume co-founder Damien “Dame” Ritter for making innovative moves with the label. He later explained that he felt those in Funk Volume weren’t “prepared” for a response to their battle requests.

“I like Dame,” KXNG Crooked said. “Dame I believe is the CEO…He always makes innovative moves for his label. He’s an intellectual guy. So, I like him, man. I think all the moves that he made were dope up until that move right here…When Hopsin was speaking on trying to challenge G.O.O.D. Music, Strange Music, TDE, Slaughterhouse, Shady. It just—to me, that move was like, ‘We know that we probably won’t get any responses, so let’s just throw it out there.’ And you know our fan-base would eat it up. Me and Funk Volume’s fan-base they’ll definitely eat that challenge up. I just didn’t think they were prepared for anybody to say, ‘Well, hey man, fuck the money. Let’s go right now.’ And I think that right there kinda caught ‘em off guard.”

The West Coast lyricist gave credit to Funk Volume for issuing a decent lyrical response, but added that “they can’t out-rap my guys.”

“Bar for bar, it’s no way they can out-rap my guys,” he said. “Because we get technical. We talk about the cadence, metaphors, punchlines, rhyme schemes, flow patterns. We get technical into the whole writing of a rap song…I respect ‘em for stepping to the plate. Even though it took a while…I really wanted to see it go further. I wanted to see more bars get exchanged.”

KXNG Crooked’s interview with Vlad TV can be found below.

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