Welcome To Death Row, a documentary released in 2001 that covered the business dealings of Death Row Records and that later spawned a book, is being shopped as a movie, according to The Hollywood Reporter

The APA talent agency is shopping the film by S. Leigh Savidge, who wrote an early version of the Straight Outta Compton script and co-executive produced the film. The N.W.A biopic has been the #1 film at the box office for three consecutive weeks and has grossed more than $140 million at the box office.

The Welcome To Death Row film would feature several of the same people portrayed in Straight Outta Compton.

Dr. Dre left N.W.A, whose debut album was called Straight Outta Compton, to found Death Row Records with Suge Knight. The imprint later released material by Snoop Dogg and Tupac, among others. All four are characters in Straight Outta Compton and their respective times at Death Row Records would be chronicled in Welcome To Death Row.

Welcome To Death Row faces at least one potential obstacle, The Hollywood Reporter says. The music rights to Death Row Records’ material is not included in the film package being pitched to studios.

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