As a former member of the Compton, California-based rap group N.W.A, and as an artist who was introduced to Bone thugs-n-harmony early on, DJ Yella recently compared the two groups, during a newly-released interview with Vlad TV.

He first recalled meeting Bone thugs in Cleveland, Ohio with Eazy-E. Eazy-E would later go on to sign the group to Ruthless Records. According to Yella, the group was similar to N.W.A, but with their own unique style.

The 47-year-old musician later revealed that he didn’t expect Bone thugs-n-harmony to blow up like they did.

“I remember meeting them,” DJ Yella said. “Me and Eric. We met them in Cleveland. I’m like ‘Who is these characters?’ Then by the time we got back off the road trip, they was in L.A. I’m like ‘Why are they here?’ Cause they were just singing/rapping…It was new. Just like when we came out. It was new. So, that’s why they caught on. Exactly why. Cause it wasn’t like they were trying to be us, like all this. They were thugs singing. So, it was totally different. New style, new sound. I did a couple of things on there—It just was a whole new thing…I mean, they were just like us. Just different styles. They came out ahead of the game.”

In regards to his relationship with Dr. Dre, DJ Yella says they’re “still longtime friends.” He also explained that when it came to issues between Dr. Dre, Eazy-E, and Suge Knight, he didn’t involve himself in their drama.

“I just didn’t get involved in the drama,” he said when asked about Eazy-E letting Dr. Dre go. “I stayed away. I just—I ain’t wanna know about it. He didn’t talk to me about it. Whatever happened, happened. I don’t know. I know just as much as you know.”

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