Rapper and mindfulness/Hip Hop instructor JusTme, recently surprised a group of elementary school students who have incorporated his “D.F.Y.L (Don’t Flip Yo’ Lid)” record into their mindfulness practices at Madison, Wisconsin’s Glendale Elementary.

On “D.F.Y.L.,” JusTme raps about understanding how the brain works, knowing when to remain calm, and other topics pertaining to mindfulness.

The student’s teacher, Amber Fiene, spoke on the relatability of the record to their mindfulness practices.

“Bringing the JusTme piece in was really relatable for the kids,” Amber Fiene said. “The lyrics totally lined up with what we were teaching with the mindfulness practices. They started thinking about it a little bit more. And they’re like ‘You know, should we try to get in contact with this guy?’ And he was like ‘Yeah, definitely. I’d love to talk to your kids.’ And we set up a Skype session. Our kids were so excited about it. He was awesome with them. And then we’re like ‘What about making a music video to the song we’ve been practicing every day?’”

JusTme was recently flown into Madison by the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Center For Investigating Healthy Minds to surprise the Glendale Elementary students. He says it was an experience that will be with him forever.

“It’s about the kids,” JusTme said. “Helping them love themselves and because they love themselves it’s easier to love each other. And it’s easier to accept yourself and accept others…We got that and now it just flourishes and it grows within. Now you got positive foundation. Now you got mindfulness of one of your offshoots to help you get to those sweeter moments…Beautiful opportunity. It’ll be with me forever.”

UW-Madison helps students learn through well-being exercisesMindfulness in an elementary classroom, brought to you by the Center for Investigating Healthy Minds and…hip-hop?

Posted by University of Wisconsin-Madison on Wednesday, August 19, 2015