There are stories in Hip Hop that border on bizarre and then there are ones that are totally bizarre. For as unscripted as Notorious B.I.G.’s life was, how he was originally signed or not signed could be one of the craziest incidents in his storied career.

Recently speaking with GASFACE, noted writer and former A&R Bonz Malone told the site about how he had the opportunity to sign the legendary Brooklyn emcee but lost out on it due to a dice game.

“We were rollin’ dice for like three hours, seriously,” he described from memory. “And the bet was if he won, I wouldn’t sign him, but if he lost, I would sign him. And I rolled a five–we were playing Cee-lo–and he rolled a six and he won. That opened the door for him to go to Bad Boy, and Puffy signed him.”

Bonz, who wrote the infamous July 1995 Source cover story featuring B.I.G. on the cover, also recalled why he called Biggie the best the East Coast had to offer and why he wanted to be known as such.

“Before then, there was no ‘King of New York’ title in hip-hop at all,” he said. “Nobody aspired to be the ‘King of New York,’ it didn’t exist. Not Nas, not Slick Rick, not Run DMC; it did not exist.”

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