A judge has dismissed a lawsuit against Young Money Entertainment over unpaid tickets, the Jasmine Brand reports.

Tickets of America was given a deadline to serve the label and Lil Wayne’s manager, Cortez Bryant, with legal papers for unpaid tickets used by the New Orleans rapper. On January 27, the judge declared that the company did not meet the deadline and so he dismissed the case and said Lil Wayne‘s team does not owe any money.

Lil Wayne used the ticket broker to secure $119,400 worth of tickets for various events from February 2013 to June 2015. Among the events were the 2013 Super Bowl and the Floyd Mayweather-Manny Pacquiao boxing match.

Tickets of America filed its lawsuit last year.

(This article was first published on August 14, 2015 and is as follows.)

Tickets of America and White Glove International are suing Young Money Entertainment because Lil Wayne has not paid them for tickets to multiple sporting events, TMZ reports.

The Young Money rapper is not named in the suit, but the label and his manager, Cortez Bryant, are listed as the defendants.

The suit says that the Young Money rapper attended seven sporting events with tickets totaling $119,400. Lil Wayne attended the Floyd Mayweather – Manny Pacquiao fight in May as well as Super Bowl XLVII, in which the Baltimore Ravens beat the San Francisco 49ers. The rapper also sat courtside for multiple basketball games.

Lil Wayne reportedly purchased the tickets between February 2013 and June 2015.

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