Humble Beast rapper Propaganda announced I Am Becoming, his first book, BET reports.

The project will be a collection of Propaganda‘s poetry alongside work from photographer Squint, a brand manager for Roc Nation Sports boxer Andre Ward.

“Squint and I basically just drove around our cities and he interpreted visually what I had written,” the Los Angeles rapper says.

His label helped Propaganda become more comfortable with the art of spoken word and poetry.

“My friend [and Humble Beast co-owner] Odd Thomas encouraged me to move in the direction of spoken word,” Propaganda says. “He told me that it had more of a shelf life. I fought it for a long time because I came up as a battle rapper. But there were always things I wanted to say that I didn’t feel fit right within the confines of a traditional Rap song.”

He also says his next album will be called Crooked and that it will go in a different direction than his previous projects.

“The last few records were solely produced by Beautiful Eulogy,” he says, “so we plan to add a few more ears to the production room this time around. Lyrically, you can expect a lot of challenging ideas on everything from race to politics and faith.”