Gunplay says he is neutral and partakes to no sides in Carol City, Miami’s gang activity.

“You got the Fours and you got the APTs,” Gunplay says during an interview with Noisey. “The Fours is 47th ave and the APTs is 37th ave. They be goin’ to war and shit, know what I’m sayin’? Them lil’ niggas killin’ each other. But I fuck with both sides, you know what I’m sayin’. I’m neutral, man. I just wanna get me some money, man.

“I was never really from one section,” continues Gunplay, who released his Living Legend album last month through Rick Ross’s MMG label. “I’m all through this bitch.”

Even though he’s emerged on the national scene, Gunplay continues to visit Carol City and support the community’s talent.

“When you make it, don’t make it and then go somewhere else and look for talent come right back here,” Gunplay says. “Don’t do that. I don’t like that shit. So I took it upon myself, I don’t give a fuck how big a nigga get, I’m always come back and make sure my niggas is recording music. Where ya records at? And still just staying on them while they perfect their craft, because who else is gonna give them an opportunity? What other nigga from Miami is finna come round here and give these lil woes an opportunity? Be honest with yourself.”

Below is Noisy’s interview with Gunplay.

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