Emcee Kool Keith has altered himself again into his alter ego, the intergalactic “Black Elvis”. The unusual MC recently began work on the sequel to Black Elvis/Lost in Space (1999) and said the new disc will be even farther out of this world. “It’s 10-times more futuristic and funkier than the last album,” Keith said “I’m not out there trying to be somebody else right now. Everybody else to me is lost; they are trying to be somebody else. You got people trying to duplicate the Latin sound, you got people remixing old funk back again — I’m not doing that. I’m making brand new stuff. I’m not trying to be Marilyn Manson II, I’m not trying to copy Sly Stone, Jimi Hendrix or George Clinton.”

Keith said Black Elvis 8000: The Return should be in stores in May. Keith, who has been known to throw out chicken wings throughout his concerts, said, “the New Year’s fans will be fed properly, as usual. Of course, I never come without my chickens. We may throw apple pies out, an occasional dessert.” His set will span his career.

First appearing in the mid-’80s as an associate of the Bronx-based Ultramagnetic MC’s, Keith recorded his best-known work, 1997’s Dr. Octagonecologist, under the name Dr. Octagon. The rapper dropped Matthew on Funky Ass Records in the summer.

Keith is also up for a guest part in a new Warner Bros. Television show called “Dead Last” and may add music to the series as well. The show, a comedy about a struggling rock band, has not been scheduled.