Chanel West Coast was arrested Tuesday (August 4) outside of 1 OAK nightclub in Las Vegas, TMZ reports. She was arrested for fighting with a woman inside of the club and then confronting security outside when she was kicked out. The Ridiculousness castmember took to Twitter and showed off bruises on her arms, saying the police mistreated her.

A witness says that West Coast was not a victim.

“It’s sad she is claiming police brutality,” a source who was at the club says to HipHopDX. “I was right next to this table at the club. She was drunk clutching a bottle of cranberry juice refusing to leave a table that was not hers for 20 minutes. The club gave her tons of chances to leave the table. She then was kicking and punching the female security they brought up special to escort her outside along with other security. I didn’t know it was her but she def was in the wrong here. I didn’t see what happened outside the club but she def thought she was special and can just take over tables that weren’t hers.”

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West Coast was charged with battery.