The surveillance video of Busta Rhymes confronting a gym employee has been released, according to Page Six.

The video is broken into two parts and appears to show the rapper confronting a cashier at the counter in Steel Gym in Chelsea, New York. In the second part, Rhymes throws water at the man, then ruffles papers on the counter before throwing a protein shake at his head.

The cashier, Ole Hernandez, has come forward and identified himself as the victim of Rhymes’ attack.

Rhymes pled guilty to second-degree harassment earlier this month.

(This story was last updated on November 6, 2015 and is as follows.)

Busta Rhymes reached a deal in the case regarding an altercation in which he was allegedly involved at a gym in August, ABC-7 reports.

The Brooklyn, New York rapper pleaded guilty to second-degree harassment today (November 6) after completing an anger management course.

Busta was arrested on assault charges after throwing a Lean Body strawberry protein drink at an employee of Steel Gym in Chelsea, New York. The two had reportedly been arguing prior to the drink being thrown. The employee sustained a minor head injury.

“We are glad the DA’s office did their own investigation,” Scott Leemon, the rapper’s lawyer, tells TMZ, “and agreed that criminal charges were not warranted.”

(This story was first published on August 6, 2015 and is as follows.)

Busta Rhymes was arrested yesterday (August 5) for assault, VladTV reports.

Police say that the rapper was working out at a gym in Manhattan, New York when he got into a dispute with another gym-goer and proceeded to throw a Lean Body Protein drink at him.

Busta Rhymes is being charged with second degree assault.

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