According to Swollen Members lyricist Madchild, he lost around $3.5 million to a past drug addiction. The Canadian rapper spoke on the money he lost to addiction, and more during a recent appearance on Boss Lady’s International Affair radio show.

Despite losing nearly $4 million to a drug addiction, Madchild revealed that he’s overcome his addiction to opioids, and is working to rebuild his finances following the monetary loss that came with addiction.

He says he was able to rebuild his life “super-duper fast” and is now working to buy his own home.

“I lost almost $4 million to a drug addiction that I had built from—Well, it was three and a half or whatever,” Madchild said. “But I had built that from nothing. From being an underground, independent Hip Hop artist. I was making paper. Thank God I’m back and I’m living life and I don’t have to go and move boxes for a living. It feels great because I’m rebuilding my life super-duper fast again. So, all of a sudden I’ve got my dream truck again. I’ve got a dope apartment in West Hollywood. I got art money again. I’m buying art. I’m saving money to buy a crib. My life is a blessing, so I’m not complaining…You can’t say that I’ve been exactly sober. But you can say that I’ve been off opioids for four years.”

Due to his new lifestyle, Madchild revealed that he’s adopted a new rule for his upcoming tour. According to the musician, those touring with him are only allowed to drink twice a month or stay sober completely.

“The rule on this next tour that I’m doing is—Cause I’m going to be touring from now until December,” he said. “I have like 80 shows—Is that you can drink twice a month, the crew. Otherwise, you gotta stay sober. It’s just as simple as that because if everybody else around me is partying, it’s gonna make me wanna party. It’s just gonna be better for everybody. We’re gonna remember everything. Everything is gonna get done on time. We’re still gonna have a blast. You don’t need to get hammered every night, sloppy to have a good time. And it’s just gonna be a better, more functioning tour. Where we show up on time and we’re there to handle our business.”

Madchild’s interview with Boss Lady can be found below.