Usually when you hand your keys off to a parking attendant and have your car parked for you, one trusts that their vehicle will make a safe return. Well, Grandmaster Flash made that reasonable assumption recently and apparently, he got burned.

The legendary New York DJ recently parked his car at 101 Car Park on 23rd Street in the Chelsea section of Manhattan July 16 and when he returned, his car was gone. According to statements made by both Flash and the New York Police Department, a worker attending the garage accidentally gave the keys to Grandmaster Flash’s custom white Dodge Charger to someone else who absconded with it.

“If the public garage is not safe then somebody tell me WHERE,” Flash posted on Facebook after the incident happened. He also added that the vehicle was full of “vintage records and equipment” and requested it be “dutifully returned” to him.

Representatives from the garage refused comment about Flash’s missing vehicle.