Hopsin addresses why he has been called the “Black Eminem.”

“It can be an insult. It can be a compliment,” the Funk Volume co-founder says to VladTV. “I just usually judge people by the tone that they use when they say it. It’s been used as both on a regular basis. It is what it is, though.”

If it’s positive, Hopsin says people tell him he reminds them of the old Eminem and that they are excited for him to carry on the Detroit rapper’s aggressive style.

The negative commenters say that he “sounds like a fucking clone” or is an “Eminem wanna-be.”

Hopsin says he doesn’t mind the criticism.

“They can say that as long as they don’t say, ‘You’re wack,'” he says. “‘You can not rap those bars. They’re weak.’ I would feel bad if they say that.”

Hopsin says he sees the comparison from a more technical standpoint, even if fans don’t recognize it.

“I think there is similarities, yes,” he says, “in the way that I rhyme and because I use multi-syllables when I rhyme a lot and he does that as well. He’s one of the best that do it, so that comes up. There’s more rappers doing it now, but when I was first coming out, there weren’t a lot of rappers that were doing heavy multi-syllables and so that’s why people got just the resemblance of them hearing that.”

The rapper says that he while he has great respect for Eminem, he’s not sure if he can ever get a feature with him.

“I’ve never met the guy,” he says. “I don’t know anything. I don’t have any attachments to him. I don’t know if he even knows who I am, so I couldn’t say. I’d have no idea. It’d be up to him. I can’t just post a tweet like, ‘Yo, Em, give me a call, bro.’ It doesn’t work like that….It’s not on my list of things to do. If it ever happens, it happens, but I won’t be mad if it doesn’t.”

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