Isaiah Rashad appears in the last installment of Sprite’s “Obey Your Thirst” documentary series with Fader. In the episode, the Top Dawg Entertainment rapper describes the importance of representing his hometown.

“I was born and raised in Chattanooga, Tennessee,” Rashad says. “Chattanooga, it’s really a small city. People here have never seen the ocean. My grandma has never seen the beach. Just like being here is it’s own world. Everybody wants to get out of Chattanooga. Hopefully, Ima do it. I’m gonna be the first rapper from here.”

The video follows Rashad around the town and he explains how his perspective of it has changed over time.

“When I got into Rap, it was something different,” he says. “You never know how interesting your own world is until you document it.”

Rashad gets his hair done by his mother and he explains her importance in his life.

“My mom is like my best friend,” he says. “My mom used to work at a bunch of different schools.  She did janitorial work.  After school, I would go to her school while she was cleaning them up and she would always make me read the dictionary.”

“When you’re writing and you’re learning,” she says, “and you’re learning the root word and you’re learning the meaning of it, and you’re writing, and then soon you start liking it.”