Slim Thug’s debut album, Already Platinum, turned 10 today (July 12) and to mark the occasion, Complex looked back at the Houston native’s rise to fame around the time and the success of his first LP effort.

During the piece, writer Brandon Caldwell argues that while Already Platinum did a lot for Slim Thug, perhaps even more notable was how it forced The Neptunes to step out of their producing prowess and make something different and with a bigger sound.

“What Already Platinum challenged Slim to do was match the Neptunes’ pop sound by taking risks, and in turn, it asked the Neptunes to escpae their own idea of space and settle inside of Houston’s smoggy, drum-heavy, slab-riding, and slow-contorting musical gumbo,” he wrote.

Caldwell also remarked that Already Platinum was the pinnacle for Slim Thug and that though all the imperfections both brought to the table it worked better than most might’ve thought: “The marriage between Slim Thug and the Neptunes lasted for one album, and like a marriage, it was beautiful at times and uneven at others. The trick was trying to match Slim’s voice and Texas background with the shimmer and pop gloss of Chad Hugo and Pharrell Williams’ beats.”

Read the full Complex piece here.