Quelle Chris released the third installment of his 2Dirt4TV series, Innocent Country, produced by the San Francisco Bay Area’s Chris Keys, Friday (July 10).

Released through Mello Music Group, Quelle’s Innocent Country features Denmark Vessey, The Fiends and Big Sen, among others.

Chris Keys and Quelle Chris started to develop Innocent Country, after meeting through mutual collaborator Roc Marciano.

Innocent Country is available to purchase on iTunes.

The Innocent Country cover art, tracklist and album stream via Bandcamp are below.

chris keys
  1. Freedom & Fear
  2. Where The Wild Things Roam
  3. We Want It Alive (feat. Fresh Daily & Cavalier)
  4. Well Running Deep
  5. Madness In The Oasis
  6. The Ones To Watch
  7. Nothing Moves
  8. Murphy’s Law (feat. Denmark Vessey)
  9. Drugfest TooThousandToo (feat. The Fiends)
  10. The Plan (feat. Denmark Vessey)
  11. The Mirror (feat. Big Sen)
  12. I Asked God

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