presents “Get To Know Ill Camille,” a feature spotlighting the next woman emcee destined to shine from Los Angeles.

She’s a longtime affiliate of the TDE camp.

“I’ve known Kendrick Lamar and all of them since about 2006 or 2007,” she says during an interview with green-label. “I know a lot of successful people, but I’ve never seen something so ironed out and done so strategically. I’m a visual person and I really used to study their blueprint. They would say how they were going to put out a project. It would go according to the plan and it would be successful. That’s mind-blowing. You know how many people in L.A. want to be rappers? TDE really did that, and while it’s great that I know them, it’s even greater that I have an example to look up to. I’m impressed and I’m proud. That’s part of my motivation. When your homies are winning, you feel more inspired to win.



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