In a story titled “Rick Ross’s Worst Week Ever: The Pot Bust, the Sex Tape, and the (Alleged) Pistol-Whipping,” The Daily Beast’s M.L. Nestel suggests that the current trial involving Lastonia Leviston, the mother of Rick Ross’ child, and 50 Cent could have resulted in the Miami, Florida rapper attacking his gardener.

According to The Daily Beast, the day before Ross’ alleged attack on his gardener, the sex tape featuring Leviston, which 50 Cent allegedly leaked in 2009, was shown to jurors and journalists in a Manhattan courtroom.

Despite the suggestion that the trial involving Leviston and 50 Cent could have set Ross off, his lawyer explained that neither the sex tape nor the trial have been brought up.

“He’s someone who has reached a certain plateau and there are people after celebrities like [Roberts] and looking for monetary gain…That’s never been in the discussion or never been brought up,” Ross’ lawyer, Adamma McKinnon said, according to The Daily Beast.

Additionally, McKinnon revealed that the Maybach Music Group founder is dropping a new album, tentatively titled Black Dollar, soon.

Both Ross and his bodyguard remain in Fayette County Jail following their alleged attack on Jonathan Zamudio. Both men were denied bail during a recent court appearance.

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