Freddie Gibbs recently discussed his marijuana business ventures and his own “Freddie Kane OG” strain of weed.

Gibbs originally partnered with Northern Cali’s Loompa Farms to grow the product.

“I just tested it with the number one rapper of all time, Snoop Doggy Dog,” the Gary, Indiana rapper said during a recent interview with VIBE. “He smoked that Freddie Kane and he said I thought Freddie Kane was another nigga. Shout out to Snoop. He’s the Godfather. The Doggfather. Much love always and respect. Once Snoop Dogg gave me the plug, the stamp, it’s all love.

“I got much love for Snoop,” Freddie Gibbs continued. “He brought me on GGN and it was an honor and a pleasure. I grew up on that shit, man. I was a little nigga, maybe second or third grade, I don’t know, bumping that ‘Lodi Dodi.’ I used to be on some gangsta shit walking to school with that. And that Chronic.”

Later in the conversation, Freddie Gibbs spoke on his future business ventures, which include going down the A&R route.

“These record labels need to hire me,” he said. “There are a couple big record labels that want to hire me as an A&R. I’m about to do that. That’s going to be the transition of my career. I mean, come on, man, I kept Freddie Gibbs relevant for the last seven years with no label. So imagine if I apply those tactics to another artist with a label’s money? I can do that. I kept Freddie Gibbs relevant with dope money. My own money. I ain’t never take a check from a label. I ain’t never take a dollar from Young Jeezy, contrary to popular belief and contrary to what that nigga said on Hot 97. I never took a dollar from him. That’s our discrepancy. But back to that label head shit, that’s definitely in the works right now. I definitely have tactics that a label doesn’t have. I took a meeting with a couple labels and they were asking me questions. They don’t know what the fuck to do. Major labels are about to be obsolete. They hire young Gibbs in there and they can last another 20 years. They put me in the office and they can do it. But they gotta pay, because we’ve been doing it on an independent level so smoothly. Now the labels are asking the successful artists questions.”

Elsewhere, Gibbs offered some advice to Lil Wayne in light of the rapper’s on-going rift with Birdman and Cash Money Records.

“Sign with ESGN, let’s make this a partnership,” Gibbs said. “Tell him YMESGN. [Laughs] You know what, Lil Wayne is still one of the best rappers of all time. I definitely want to do a record with that man. I definitely respect his pen game and respect his records. I’m not in on their whole business shit, I don’t know how that shit is and how it goes.”

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