Dr. Dre will release The Chronic for streaming on Apple Music, Rolling Stone reports.

This will be the first time The Chronic will be available for streaming. It has not been available on Spotify and was not available on Beats Music, which was part of Apple’s acquisition of Beats from Dr. Dre.

In 2011, Dr. Dre won a lawsuit against Death Row, his former label. The victory gave him 100% of the digital royalties to The Chronic. Dr. Dre left the label in 1996 and they agreed to pay him 18% royalties of his music. When WIDEawake purchased Death Row from Suge Knight, they limited the royalties to the music’s original format. Digital music was not available as a purchasing option during Dr. Dre’s time at Death Row.

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Apple Music is set to launch tomorrow (June 30).

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