The 25-year anniversary of the release of House Party happened earlier this year (March 9) and seminal rap group Kid ‘N Play were right in the center of the film.

Recently speaking with HipHopDX, the Golden Era rap duo described what they’re most ideal current day house party would be when asked.

“[It would involve] a lot of concerts where we have our peers from EPMD, MC Lyte, Salt N Pepa, Big Daddy Kane, all of them and every time we come together,” Play replied via a segment of today’s (June 25) DX Daily. “We’re all friends so we’re really just thankful that we’re all still alive, good health, having a good time and the crowds is there packed in. It’s still a house party for us and what we bring to the thing but it’s more selective. It’s not as wide scope as it once was.”

Kid says he would party with all the light-skinned rappers of current day and collaborate on a song together.

“I would party with all the light-skinned rappers: Drake, J. Cole, Vic Mensa,” he joked. “This is going to be an onslaught, beige nation, we’re doing a record together. [Play] is not invited. He is not invited! [laughs].”

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