Now a few weeks into the latest season of Starz’s show Power, 50 Cent is finally almost ready to release his long-in-the-works album Street King Immortal. Speaking with Hot 93.7 Hartford this past week, 50 dropped some new details about the record including a handful of high-profile features that fans can expect on the tracklist.

“I got so many different ideas and so many different pieces lined up for this record that I know it’s gonna be exciting,” he said. “I’ll be able to go single to single to single, to take my time and not really care about a week’s number but just the performance of the record itself, overall.”

Breaking down the features, 50 explained how a collaboration with Lil Wayne and Kidd Kidd came about.

“I just did a song wit [Lil] Wayne though, ‘Ejected,'” he said. “It’s actually Kidd Kidd and Wayne but I had to put it together and I got them to give me the clearance, both Wayne and Baby to clear the record so it’s cool.”

“Me and Chris worked together, me and Chris Brown,” he went on. “Me and Ne-Yo. I have some pieces, I have something I did with Kendrick. I got a lot of other pieces that’s there that I’m not sure if they’re gonna end up in the whole album or not.”

Listen to the whole interview below.

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