Grimer rapper Skepta covers the latest issue of Fader Magazine.

Within the cover story, which is titled “Skepta’s Mission” the English emcee discusses his Nigerian roots, the UK grime scene and the attention he’s received since performing “All Day” with Kanye West at the BRIT Awards.

Skepta, 32, isn’t phased by the added notoriety of late. When asked about an upcoming studio session with Earl Sweatshirt, Skepta says, “Bruv, I put P. Diddy on a fucking grime tune.”

Skepta is currently prepping his forthcoming album, Konnichiwa. He’s released a handful of tracks off the project thus far, including one with A$AP Bari. When it comes to working with American artists, he says he prefers for them to visit him across the pond.

“I don’t care what they feel about it,” Skepta says. “They have to come on my wave—that’s the only thing that’s going to give my album what it needs. I understand the objective now, and I ain’t going to fucking America to shoot a video. They need to come to the roads with me.”.

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