During a newly published interview with BBC Radio 1Xtra’s Charlie Sloth, A$AP Rocky revealed that he plans to finish off an album started by A$AP Yams.

“[A$AP] Yams started an album before he passed and he left his notebooks and blueprints and I’m just picking up where he left up,” A$AP Rocky said. “Because me and him were gonna do the album together. He was working on a crazy album. I’m letting people know that if I do something good, the next thing I do will be have to be great.”

Later in the conversation, A$AP Rocky spoke on whether or not U.K. rappers could ever be successful in the United States.

“I don’t think if they do it in a grime way,” he says. “That’s just my opinion. I can always be wrong… I think grime belongs to the U.K. They need to find a medium and I think it’ll work, that’s just my personal opinion.

“I know how grime is perceived in the States and it’s not good,” A$AP Rocky continues. “Don’t take it from me, ask anybody. I personally love grime. If you ask somebody in the U.S. what’s grime, they not gonna know what you talking about. If they [do] know what you talking about they probably only gonna know Skepta’s name or Dizzee Rascal, that’s it.”

A$AP Rocky’s interview with BBC Radio 1Xtra can be viewed below:

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