Baton Rouge, Louisiana rapper Kevin Gates has released yet another series of controversial videos on Instagram. This time, Gates set his sights directly on those who have criticized him for wearing what they believe are “devil worshipping beads.”

According to the musician, if you’re a Christian “you’re commanded to love” him based on the teachings of the Bible.

“Oh, you see them beads, huh? Yeah, you know I’m labeled a heathen…You stupid bitch. You’re talking about my beads,” Kevin Gates said in the first two videos he uploaded. “Devil worshiping beads? Cool. Ya heard me? But if you a Christian, your Bible say you’re supposed to love God, your neighbor as yourself and your enemy. So, you’re commanded to love me if I want to serve the devil. Or you’re a hypocrite. Which one?”

In the third video he uploaded, Gates encourages those watching to “go back in history” to those who “believed in something greater than themselves.”

“See, we live in a superficial realm that worships money,” he said. “But go back in history, the most powerful men, the most powerful women on Earth were people that believed in something greater than themselves. They could not be bought. They could not be persuaded. Something to think about.”

Prior to posting his latest series of videos, Gates used Instagram to speak on sleeping with his cousin, to diss fellow artist, Young Thug, and more.

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