Killer Mike stopped by Snoop Dogg’s digital web series Double G News (GGN) to talk about his group, Run the Jewels, his influences, and more topics.

When Snoop asks Mike if there will be a Run The Jewels 3 album, Mike responds, “Absolutely, there’s going to be Run The Jewels ’till the wheels fall off.”

Mike and El-P‘s performance at Coachella was ranked #2 overall by Billboard this year. He explained to Snoop that the duo’s onstage demeanor is inspired by several legendary Hip Hop groups.

“We had some choices to make,” Mike says. “Are we going to get costumes made? Are we going to try and play the black and white thing up? Our whole shit was we’re going to try to do as close to what Run DMC, EPMD, NWA, and the Geto Boys did and that’s just be a dope group on stage with a DJ. We take our ass up there and we give you everything we got, we try to leave it all on the stage.”

Later on in the interview, Mike says he was heavily influenced by Ice Cube but calls Scarface the greatest rapper of all time. The one artist he would like to work with dead-or-alive is Curtis Mayfield.

Watch the full episode below:

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