Kanye West is legendary at many things during his concert performances. Whether it’s the passion in performing the songs or the between track interludes where ‘Ye usually rants about something on his mind, there is rarely a dull moment.

The Chicago-based super producer/emcee recently headlined Power 106 Los Angeles’ Powerhouse and kept his in-between song speeches short, however he did speak about one of the songs that started it all for him, “Through The Wire.”

“Recorded the whole joint out here, when nobody believed that I could rap, except for a couple of people,” he told the crowd and as seen on footage captured by DX Daily. “My homeboy shot that video. I spent my own money on it as usual. Then we got that video on MTV. Nobody believed in this style of rap 13 years ago. You was either like extra extra gangster or you was extra extra backpack. You couldn’t be conscious and like Benz’s and shit. That was completely new. They ain’t even know where to play it on radio. [DJ] Reflex know what I’m talking about. Y’all see I got this tea and shit. I’m trying to do the best performance, you know. I usually talk way more shit but my voice is [gone]… Fucked up my rock & roll moment.”

Also during his performance, ‘Ye reportedly previewed a verse via a song from his upcoming album, SWISH. He announced the title of his upcoming studio album via Twitter earlier this month. The album was previously rumored to be called So Help Me God as Kanye named it such on the social media site.

Kanye West released “Through The Wire” in 2003 as the first single on his debut album, College Dropout. That album would go on to sell over 3 million copies and propel West into the spotlight, something he hasn’t relinquished.

Watch the full DX Daily below: