We have all heard about emcees releasing double albums but a triple CD? MF Grimm’s (while keeping with his unorthodox science to hip-hop) upcoming release is comprised of three CD’s!!! The album, titled American Hunger is slated for a release date of September 20th

Being ahead of the curve is not without its price though, as the album had to be pushed back from it’s previously intended August release due to problems with packaging. The album will be released on MF Grimm’s own Day By Day Entertainment label, which has been home to artists such as Monster Island Czars (a posse of emcees including MF Grimm and MF Doom), Rob Swift, Stronghold (a collective including C-Ray Walz and Breez Evahflowin) and Binkis.

MF Grimm comments This album is a big bowl of blood for a blood thirsty nation. Love, Hate, War, Peace Jealousy. America is a place where everyone loves you when you’re a star, but those same people will also call for your head. So many people became stars here with such tragic endings. Is that the price for fame? I decided to make it a triple CD of all new material because it’s never been done in hip hop before.

The title represents not only the album but an entire movement. MF Grimm is also launching a web platform (www.AmericanHunger.com) which will be a lifestyle web magazine where writers for national publications can write about whatever they want with no editorial censoring.