Weeks after radio/internet personality, Star declared Eminem the king of Hip Hop, a number of artists in the Hip Hop community have offered their thoughts on the Detroit, Michigan rapper being dubbed the king of Hip Hop.

Among those to share their opinion on Em being labeled the king of Hip Hop were those in the Hip Hop trio De La Soul. De La Soul’s Trugoy The Dove stated that in regards to the top artist in Hip Hop, “it’s a difficult question to ask.”

He went on to add that factors including voice, cadence, and lyrical content come into play when it concerns the king of Hip Hop.

“If you’re looking at it as ‘Who has more riches?’ Then okay, Eminem might be the king,” Trugoy said. “But I think when you’re talking about how many people love that king, I don’t know. I don’t think everybody’s an Eminem fan. Me, I’m an Eminem fan. Lyrically, he’s amazing. But I don’t necessarily say ‘I love every Eminem record.’ So, it’s the way you look at it. It’s a hard question to ask. One individual might say he is. The next two might say he isn’t. And the next seven might say he is. So, it’s a difficult question to ask…Some people might think it’s MF Doom… If you are a true student of Hip Hop, there’s so many elements you have to check. Voice, cadence, lyrical content, catalog, agility.”

DJ Maseo also chimed in on the king of Hip Hop debate, during the group’s interview with Vlad TV. According to the musician, there’s room for more than one king in Hip Hop.

“In the Bible, there’s a lot of kings. There’s a lot of kings. There’s more than one king. So, rightfully so, he’s [Eminem] a king in his own right. But so is Jay Z. And so is MF Doom,” DJ Maseo said.