Rico Love has released the remix to his ballad “Somebody Else” featuring Usher and Wiz Khalifa.

While Usher and Rico croon about relationship woes, it’s Wiz Khalifa’s lyrics that have caught many people’s attention.

Weeks after the lyrics of Wiz’s  “Go Hard Or Go Home,” which is featured on the Furious 7  soundtrack, appeared to be dedicated to estranged wife Amber Rose, many are saying the Taylor Gang frontman is speaking to his wife again in this song.

Thought I had it / All the magic, I couldn’t imagine / Then it all went tragic / Automatically, I’m the bad one / When I was only doing us / Gave you everything, a kid, a house and a wedding ring / Now you talking ‘bout you can do better things / How did we get this way? / How do you entertain that bullshit? / Why do you even care what Instagram got to say? / Now when you see me we don’t act the same / Smiling on TV, trying to hide the pain,” Wiz raps.

Although, Wiz doesn’t mention Amber’s name, some of his lyrics have led people to believe he is referring to her.

In early April, Rose took to Instagram to share a message to husband and followers.

“We went wrong somewhere and even if we never ever get back together ( Even tho I pray, dream and hope we do) he will forever be the love of my life,” she wrote.

Listen to the “Somebody Else” remix below:

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