Skyzoo is slated to release his A Dream Deferred follow-up Music For My Friends June 23, according to a press release.

Set to be released on First Generation Rich Inc./ Empire Records, the project is scheduled to feature guest appearances from Bilal, Black Thought and Jadakiss, among others. Lending production to Music For My Friends are Jahlil Beats, !llmind, Thelonious Martin and Apollo Brown.

The Brooklyn, New York emcee wrote a narrative through the eyes of his 13-year-old self to describe the album.

“A blueprint and some ‘know how, some good cooked food and some awareness leads to you thinking these conflicting, guilt inspired feelings are the Things I Should’ve Told My Friends,” he says in part. “When it’s all said and done, when the faces change and the desires become more expensive and the next in line become the next in line, when the bloodied badge unjustly wins and the lights begin to flicker and then dim, you realize maybe it was all just a Sweet Pursuit. All of it, nothing more, nothing less. And the sounds it leaves in the memories it created slowly becomes Music For My Friends.” -Skyler (13 year old lyricist, graffiti writer, playground point guard, quarter water aficionado, and Mortal Kombat champ, preferably the Sega Genesis version).”

The cover art and tracklist for Skyzoo’s Music For My Friends are below:



1) All Day, Always

Produced by AntMan Wonder

2) Suicide Doors

Produced by MarcNfinit

3) The Moments That Matter (feat. Kay Cola)

Produced by Jahlil Beats, Co-Produced by AntMan Wonder

4) Luxury (feat. Westside Gunn)

Produced by Skyzoo

5) Everything’s For Sale

Produced by !llmind

6) See A Key (Ki’) (feat. Jadakiss)

Produced by Thelonious Martin

7) Money Makes Us Happy (feat. Black Thought & Bilal)

Produced by The Rvlt.

8) Playing Favorites (feat. Christon Gray)

Produced by !llmind

9) Meadow Of Trust (feat. Saba)

Produced by Black Metaphor

10) Women Who Can Cook

Produced by Thelonious Martin

11) Civilized Leisure (feat. MoZaic)

Produced by !llmind

12) The Experience

Produced by MarcNfinit

13 Asking Bodie For A Package (feat. Skarr Akbar)

Produced by !llmind

14) Things I Should’ve Told My Friends

Produced by Apollo Brown

15) Sweet Pursuit (feat. Kay Cola)

Produced by Seige Monstracity

*iTunes Bonus: Falling Out The Sky

Produced by Praise

*Vinyl/Cassette Bonus: Hands Folded Together (feat. Elzhi)

Produced by DJ Prince (Bonus Track)