A year after Murs released the Mayday! collaboration album Mursdayon Strange Music, he’s preparing to release his first solo album on the imprint, Have a Nice Life, which is due May 19. Murs spoke with XXL and explained his role on the independent label run by Tech N9ne and Travis O’Guin.

“We come from a similar urban or just gang culture—in a good way,” Murs says. “They’re loyal men of their word. I won’t necessarily do the same album covers or type or music. I’m there to add value and a different dynamic, not to ride coattails.”

The Arizona-based, Los Angeles native says that his debut solo album from Strange Music features him going back to his West Coast roots. His friend Jesse Shatkin is responsible for the majority of the production on Have a Nice Lifeand, during the recording process, Murs was challenged to portray the static nature of his city.

“During the recording, I was staying with my mom,” he says. “I’d go outside to take phone calls and both cops and dudes from Inglewood families would roll up on me while I was just trying to finish up a conversation. It was a reality check that as much as things change in L.A., things always stay the same.”

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