Artwork inspired by slain Oakland rapper Mac Dre will go on display this weekend in the rapper’s hometown of Oakland.

The exhibit, titled “Dre Area: The Mac Dre Art Show,”  is set to include work from over 40 artists who have created pieces to honor the influential rapper.

It is being curated by a local visual artist known as Street Bleach with the help of fellow artists Rebel Stilskin, Acid Bath and Dre’s former record label, Thizz Entertainment. Street Bleach was inspired to hold the event when he noticed a variety of Mac Dre-inspired art on social sites like Instagram and Tumblr. Thizz Entertainment noticed Street Bleach’s digital art and offered to assist with the rapper’s exhibit. A portion of the proceeds from “Dre Area: The Mac Dre Art Show”  will go to Mac Dre’s family.

“Mac Dre was always being himself, and as a result, he essentially initiated what I’ve seen to be the most positive and prevalent movement in Bay Area urban youth culture,”Street Bleach told Oakland Local. “Basically, the hyphy movement was every young person in the Bay Area getting together to essentially emulate Mac Dre and his personality and his lifestyle, his mannerisms, his fashion — everything. … I feel like Mac Dre is the most respected rapper in Bay Area history.”

“Dre Area: The Mac Dre Art Show” is scheduled to open on April 25 from 5 p.m. to 12 a.m. at Charles Place, located at 347 13th Street in downtown Oakland.

Photo credit: Street Bleach