Two of K. Camp’s biggest hits, “Cut Her Off” and “Money Baby,” are in regular rotation in strip clubs.

According to the Atlanta-bred rapper, in his city, “most of the music gets broke in the strip clubs.”

Recently K. Camp sat down with Simone “Boss Lady” Amelia on “International Affair” via DASH Radio. During their interview, K. Camp explained how important strip clubs really are to an ATL artist’s success.

“The strip clubs play a major role as far as an Atlanta artists career,” he says. “I’m over it. I’m tired of strip clubs, definitely over it. In Atlanta…it’s overrated.”

K. Camp is part of an influx of “New Atlanta” artists that have emerged from the city in recent years. “Being based out of Atlanta,” he says has made it difficult because “everybody wants to be somebody.”

“I went through it for years,” K. Camp says. “In Atlanta, I wouldn’t say it’s watered down, but there’s so many artists. It’s like Black Hollywood. It’s like everybody wants to be somebody, everybody wants to be important even when you not important they acting like they important.

“It is what it is,” he adds. “I love my city.”

Watch the full interview below: