Dame Dash recently sat down with Hip Hop Motivation’s Kenyatta to discuss why he only does business in the United States.

“I like to make my personal stuff in America just because I’m into that,” Dame Dash says. “I wanna power the economy over in America and also when you make samples and do production in China, you like 12 hours away. If you send something over there and you want something done, you have to wait.

“I honestly don’t like doing business anywhere overseas because what happens if they rob you? The laws are different,” Dame Dash adds. “It’s going to be so hard. You’ve gotta get a lawyer out there, you gotta go out there to court and all that other kind of stuff. I just think it’s safer [in the United States]. I think the quality of the stuff is better when you do it in America.”

The former Roc-A-Fella Records co-owner later offered his own personal analogy as to what he believes business is.

“There is no such thing as easy business,” he says. “Business is war. This is what business is, and this is why I box: business is getting into a ring with a person you have no problem with and trying to kill them in that ring. And then after, whether you win or lose, you give them a pound, you walk off and you have good sportsmanship. That’s what business is. It’s a fucking war. It’s bloody, but at the end, you cool.”

Dame Dash’s interview with Hip Hop Motivation can be viewed below:

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