Wale stopped by Power 105.1 today (April 1) to talk about his latest project, The Album About Nothing, working with Jerry Seinfeld, dealing with a miscarriage, love and other topics.

When asked whether Seinfeld is getting royalties off of TAAN – which is a continuation of Wale’s mixtape series that incorporates the Seinfeld show – Wale says, “He ain’t want nothing.”

“The crazy thing is, I’m a young black dude from the DMV,” Wale tells The Breakfast Club. “I’m not supposed to be clearing NBC. But it got done. I want Hip Hop to feel pride in what we did. They’re bidding to own the rights to Seinfeld, and I just come in and use it. For a young Hip hop dude to use the show in an artistic way, that shows a lot about where we’ve come as a culture.”

Later in the interview, Wale discusses going through a miscarriage with his girlfriend-at-the-time. It’s an experience he says, that left him asking, “God, Why?”

“It was tough to deal with,” he says. “I started getting into the deep end.”

He explained to the radio jocks that he had already begun to think of a name for the child and where he would relocate to for the family’s sake.

The aforementioned incident and having to be upbeat around fans and the media led him to taking pills.

“I don’t want to be this person that is hindering my career, because of the perception of me,” Wale says. “I don’t naturally walk around with a smile on my face. What can I take to put a smile on my face? If weed is going to make me come across as lazy and uninterested, what can I take? What can I drink to give a proper energy to something I’m not interested in? You just want to numb it.”

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