Canadian artist Promise says that he recorded a mixtape with Drake that has yet to be released.

“So I went on Degrassi when I wasn’t doing anything, and I became a regular because I was a student, so me and Drake have been boys,” Promise says in the video published by Rapzilla today (March 25). “He was a regular cast member, Jimmy. We met through a mutual friend of ours, Jermaine Brown. Jermaine had known about my stuff. He heard about my stuff, or whatever, and said, ’Oh, my boy, my boy Aubrey would love this stuff. He writes too and he’s trying to do some stuff. I think you guys would connect.’ So he connected us I played him some of my stuff. He liked it. I asked him to Rap me some stuff, so he rapped me some stuff off the page and I said, ‘You’re talented. You’re actually good.’ So I took him to the studio and we banged out a couple of tracks for his stuff and then we did a joint mixtape, which I still have and never came out. Never put it out.”

Promise says that he was involved at the early stages of Drake’s music career but morals got in the way of further collaboration.

“When I found him, I found him,” Promise says in the video. “Did I assist in his creation? Of course. He said it in his interviews. He thanked me in his first album, like I definitely played a part in him. If I wasn’t the man that I am, like integrity-wise, if I wasn’t a man of God and stuff, like that, I 100 percent would have been rolling with him from the jump. My manager wanted to sign him at one point, but we where like you’re a great guy and you make good music, but we have certain morals… At first he was a ladies man, and it was kind of borderline.”

The Christian rapper says that his friendship with Drake was genuine.

“We were actual friends,” Promise says in the interview. “I put his stuff on my MySpace…People didn’t take him seriously at first because he was a teen pop star, but all those people jumped on board as soon as he got the Wayne cosign.”

Promise says he is looking for the proper time to get the music to the people.

“Everything I have is going to come out at some point,” Promise says. “It’s just timing. It’s never been the right time.”

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