Juvenile stopped by Power 105.1’s “The Breakfast Club” to talk about his reunion with Cash Money Records and a variety of other topics.

Within the 20-minute visual, Juve says that he and Birdman “worked it out” and that he is indeed a member of the imprint once again.

Although, he is cordial with both Lil Wayne and Birdman, Juve says that he is staying out of their conflict.

“It aint even in my position to give advice,” Juve says. “I’ma stay out of it. They was rockin’ together tough and tight for some years. It gotta be something they can work out.”

The former Hot Boyz member also explains that the relationship between the artists and management is like a “family that has their own families, a family that used to be a family.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Juve talks about the old rivalry between No Limit Records and Cash Money.

“It was a friction, I can’t lie and say there wasn’t a friction,” Juve says. “But a beef ‘nah,’ beef is a strong word with me. Beef to me means somebody’s getting shot or fights can happen and that never happened…I think it was ‘who wanna run New Orleans. Mystical was doing his thing, I was doing my thing. Mystical wanted to be the best rapper, I wanted to be the best rapper, Wayne wanted to be.”

Check out the full interview below:

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