Days after Madonna dubbed Kanye West “a brilliant madman,” and weeks after Garbage singer Shirley Manson called the Chicago lyricist “small and petty,” yet another musician has come forward to offer their thoughts on the controversial rapper.

During an interview with, rocker Ted Nugent referred to ‘Ye as being “a super-talented guy,” but also revealed that he’s relatively unfamiliar when it concerns today’s Hip Hop, and even has a hard time listening to the music of Eminem.

“You know, I don’t get much of that anymore. I don’t understand…I mean, I understand beauty and I understand fashion and trends,” Ted Nugent said. “You should Google my son Rocco, he goes by ‘Rocco Moon.’ He’s deep into the hip hop/rock stuff and I just don’t get it. I try to watch Eminem and all of these other guys and I don’t get it. It doesn’t light my fire like ‘Long Tall Sally’ or ‘I Feel Good’ or ‘19th Nervous Breakdown’ or ‘Tush,’ you know? I kind of shrug my shoulders and I’m sorry to say, I just don’t get it. I understand he’s a super-talented guy. Nobody likes naked girls more than I do, but would you really want to have your wife completely naked in a magazine? It’s a different world to me.”

Nugent later offered his thoughts on the music industry as a whole, during his interview. He stated that the industry is “suicidal,” and expressed his concern for up-and-coming artists who are unable to release the growingly popular, free records.

“Then again, I see where the industry is just so suicidal,” he said. “Even the incredible U2, so they go in and spend a million dollars to make a record and give it away? Well, that’s convenient, if you’ve got that kind of money, which they do. But what about these new incredible artists around the country that don’t have enough money to invest in a free handout? I’m heartbroken by the whole thing. I know there’s some killer music all across this country that we’ll never ever get to hear because the industry won’t compensate.”

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