Atlanta producer, DJ Toomp, recently sat down with DJ Smallz to reflect on his relationship with one of his longtime collaborators, T.I.

The two ATL-natives have worked together extensively since 2001, when T.I. released his debut album I’m Serious. Both Toomp and T.I. have been credited with bringing their city’s trap music sound to the mainstream.

When asked about his current relationship with the rapper, Toomp says “It’s love at the end of the day” although they’ve been at odds in the past.

“We’re great,” he says. “Me and dude are like fam for life. We’re really fam.”

Toomp has produced at least one song on eight out of T.I.’s nine albums, including two tracks on his most recent, Paperwork.

The first version of the album [Paperwork], Toomp says he was “thumbs down” because of how the songs were initially arranged.

“It was a lot of songs on that album that I felt wasn’t 2015,” he explained. “I was like ‘yo man we need to take it higher.”

Toomp also revealed that he was involved in a Justin Timberlake collaboration that didn’t make it onto the album because it wasn’t able to be cleared. The song was intended to be the producer’s first foray into EDM.

Later on in the 7-minute interview, Toomp admits he wasn’t “too pleased” with T.I.’s latest offering.

“He knew it. Everybody knew it, I let it be known,” Toomp says,  “‘yo, I just don’t think it’s ready…It felt rushed.”

Besides music, Toomp tells DJ Smallz that he and T.I. are trying to create a television series.

“We’re trying to do the next Power, Soprano, the Wire, a few of the things cats is working on is really way beyond music,” he says.

Check out the full interview below:

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