Suge Knight Hit-And-Run Video Has Surfaced

Homicide detectives are analyzing a new video that may exonerate Hip Hop mogul Suge Knight, TMZ reports.

The celebrity gossip site has learned that the West Hollywood Sheriff’s department handling the case has obtained a video that “presumably” captured a portion of the hit-and-run incident.

The former Death Row CEO, was arrested Friday (January 30) on murder charges after police questioned him at the West Hollywood, California police station.



Charges stem from Knight’s involvement in a deadly hit-and-run outside of Tam’s Burgers near the 1200 block of West Rosecrans Avenue in Los Angeles. Knight reportedly struck three men with his vehicle. He injured two of them and killed his alleged friend, Terry Carter.

It’s unclear at the moment how police acquired the video since the surveillance camera from the Tam’s Burgers parking lot was not operating.

Knight’s lawyer, James E. Blatt, has told reporters the incident was unintentional and that his client feared for his life. Blatt believes that the murder charge will not be filed because Suge was acting in self defense.

Knight is being held on suspicion of murder in the fatal accident. His bail has been set at $2 million.

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