XXL magazine has received clarification in the Special Narcotics’ case against Brooklyn, New York rapper Bobby Shmurda.

Although it was previously reported that Shmurda’s gun charge was dropped, XXL reports that that information was inaccurate.

Kait Cornell of the Special Narcotics Prosecutor’s office, tells the publication, the rapper’s gun case was dismissed by the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office, but he still faces the charge in court.

The case being dropped by the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office is reportedly a “procedural step” to have the charge a part of the Special Narcotics’ case.

Additionally, the gun charge Shmurda faces resulted from authorities finding a gun on the rapper after obtaining a search warrant last summer, not the barbershop shooting the musician was allegedly involved in.

Shmurda is also now reportedly represented by Kenneth J. Montgomery, Esq. of KJM PLLC and not Howard Greenberg. Greenberg previously spoke with Revolt about the status of the rapper’s case.

“Brooklyn is done and now it’s on to Manhattan, where we need to teach these adversaries a lesson…The intermediate plan is if there is a superseding indictment on the 29th is to enter a plea of not guilty. The long term plan is to kick some ass and take no prisoners,” he said.

Bobby Shmurda is currently scheduled to appear in court later today (January 29).

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