Following an impromptu recording session with Travis Barker, Bones Owens and DJ Klever at the House of Blues in Los Angeles, Yelawolf spoke with Sirius XM Radio to discuss his forthcoming studio album, Love Story.

During the conversation, the Shady Records recording artist addressed why it’s been three years since his last studio release.

I don’t have a reason,” Yelawolf says. “Maybe it’s what I needed. All I know is I’m proud of the result. I have a vision and I have songs that I want people to hear, in the order I want them to be heard, and with the videos I want to be shot for them. I’ll be happy when it’s on the shelf the way I see it, hear it. This is my vision. It’s important to put this album out the right way. This isn’t a mixtape.”

Speaking more generally about the album, the Gadsden, Alabama rapper likened the project to a time capsule, calling it a “piece of my life.”

You can hear in my voice the growth,” he says. “You can hear in my content the growth. The celebration and the hardships. This album is a part of my coming of age, as is all the work I’ve done. It’s a piece of my life, kinda like a time capsule. Hopefully though, this one lasts longer than the others. I think that it will.”

Elsewhere, Yelawolf addressed his constant growth as an artist.

“I’m consistent with change,” Yelawolf says. “I’m consistent to evolve—always have and always will. My only consistency is constant change. These cowboy boots and this custom hat feel timeless. I just want to feel and look like the music I want to make … be the art and let that all reflect my life. To be real. That’s all.”

Yelawolf was featured on the Eminem and Shady Records compilation album, ShadyXV, an effort that received a 4 out of 5 rating from HipHopDX.