Power 105.1 radio personality Charlamagne Tha God serves as the latest music insider to offer their thoughts on the recent fallout between Lil Wayne and his label, Cash Money Records. Charlamagne went on to question the credibility of Birdman and questioned why anyone would sign with the CEO after he was called out by Lil Wayne for a second time.

The radio host then declared that Lil Wayne was the one “who made Cash Money what it is” today.

“That’s gotta hurt,” Charlamagne said. “Because Lil Wayne has been with Baby forever…My thing is how can anybody want to be in business with Birdman after watching Lil Wayne complain. For what is the second time. Remember back in the day when Juve and B.G. and all them left? Wayne was about to leave at one point with Roc-A-Fella for like the same reasons. The money was funny and whatnot. He wanted to go other places. I just don’t understand why you would want to sign with Birdman after seeing how he did his son. The man he kissed in the mouth. The man who made Cash Money what it is. First of all, let’s be clear, Cash Money would be dead if it wasn’t for Lil Wayne. Remember ‘Bling Bling’ when Baby said ‘By the year 2000 Lil Wayne’s gonna tear this game up?’ That’s one of the most underrated prophecies ever in the history of Hip Hop. Lil Wayne really tore the game up.”

Charlamagne continued to criticize Baby during his interview with Vlad TV when the CEO/rapper’s Best Of Both Worlds album with R. Kelly was brought up. According to Charlamagne, “nobody was checking” for the album, which was ultimately scrapped.

He also applauded Lil Wayne for not only keeping the lights on at Cash Money during their more turbulent times, but also attracting “great talent” to the label.

“Nobody gave a shit,” he said. “That was not the best of both worlds. That was the best of a pedophile and a guy who kisses other men in the mouth. That’s what that was. That was the best of two artists who should not be in the studio together. That’s what that was. Nobody was checking—Nobody gave a fuck about no Baby and R. Kelly Best Of Both Worlds album…I just know that Lil Wayne, not only did he keep the lights on, he attracted other great talent like Drake, like Nicki Minaj, like Tyga. Cash Money would be dead if it was not for Lil Wayne.”

Charlamagne’s interview with Vlad TV can be found below.

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