Drake’s father, Dennis Graham who in his past was a notable musician himself, was perhaps inspired by his son and is making his own return to music.

Via Instagram, Graham, who began his musical career in 1962, says he’s working on a new single and is looking for a female rapper to be a part of it.

“I am in search of a classy female rapper to collaborate with me on my new single,” he said in the post’s caption. “Not looking for ghetto style rapper serious inquiries only please DM me.”

Back in 2013, Graham told XXL about his start in music and how James Brown made his own drummer give him his first set of drums.

“[I started] playing the tin round tubs that people used to take a bath in,” he recalled. “I used it as a bass drum. I had a broken mop handle that was used up, I used that as a mallet. But that’s how I got started. Then I finally got my first set of drums. James Brown made his drummer give me his drums.”

View Graham’s Instagram post below:

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