Odd Future hasn’t been as noisy as of late. The California collective didn’t release as many projects in 2014 compared to previous years but now, there’s some new news regarding the group’s formation.

MellowHype, a sub duo of OFWGKTA consisting of emcee Hodgy Beats and producer Left Brain, is no longer, according to Hodgy. Recently speaking with HipHopDX as a part of DX Daily, the Trenton, New Jersey native says he and Left Brain will no longer go by the moniker MellowHype but will continue to work together.

“I feel like the identity of MellowHype is Hodgy Beats produced by Left Brain,” he said when asked about the group’s status. “I believe we’re growing as individuals and as a producer/rapper duo I believe we’re growing apart many ways and together many ways as well. My point of saying that is from now on there is no MellowHype. It’s Hodgy Beats produced by Left Brain.”



He would continue by explaining that since the two have gotten older they want to change things up. Hodgy Beats also says that they are “individuals” and that no matter what anyone thinks, this is the path they have chosen.

“I believe we’re individuals. He feel the same way as well. We just individual people but we work together and everybody needs their own identity. It’s a big refocus. Nah, we ain’t breaking up. Nah, this ain’t no weirdo shit. It’s just some real shit. It’s a refocus. Going from boys to men this is what it is. So it’s either understand it, ’cause it will be explained–cry about it, talk shit, applaud us–we still moving.”

Last November Hodgy Beats announced that his forthcoming project, Dena Tape 2 is slated for release on February 2.

Watch the video segment below: